Visit Hankinson, A Picturesque And Dynamic City Of North Dakota!

Hankinson in North Dakota is a must visit place. It is not a big city, but it has much to offer. Hankinson does not have this stressful atmosphere, and at the same time, it has all key facilities modern towns enjoy. Come to Hankinson to spend time with your family or to enjoy your vacations solely. You will not get bored!

Local Traditions at Hankinson

Hankinson has a very friendly community of locals. That is key for city’s intensive development. Here, people like to spend time together. They enjoy celebrations and many other events. So here is what Hankinson proposes to its guests:

  • Octoberfest. It is the event that pays tribute to the German traditions. In Hankinson it is a several days event at the beginning of October. The cuisine served is primarily German. During the festival there is much entertainment organized. Kids will enjoy the singalong, and adults will be fond of joint dancing in a German style! The festival is entertaining for a person of any age.
  • Hankinson citizens like to spend time on the open air. Horse riding is extremely popular in the region. There are many hotels that provide horse rides as a service. It is considerably enjoyable since the parks occupy a considerable part of the city.
  • Contests is another thing popular in Hankinson! The very lucid example is Lake Elsie Ice Fishing Derby. The competitors fight to fish the largest fish. The finalists get fishing related products. It is a very engaging event for people who like fishing.
  • Dancing and music fests. Each year the city organises Polka Fest and Summer Fest. It is a time to express yourself in dancing and listen to some fine music. Both are extremely popular among the locals and city guests.
  • Socially responsible events. The city cares about the unprotected citizens. The Cares for Cancer Banquet has been launched some time ago. It aims to generate funds to support people with health problems.
  • The city has good golf clubs. You will enjoy the sports area!
  • For risky people Hankinson has something to offer as well. Dakota Magic Casino offers fine services for its players. It is not only a playing house, but a whole entertainment complex. It has its own hotel, golf club and business facilities. You can enjoy the business meeting here and then go to play casino. There’s very special atmosphere inside. Visitors say Dakota Magic Casino has the spirit of very first Casino of 70s. It is a place where present meets the past.

Hankinson is a nice place for everyone. Each person will find its entertainment here. No one will get bored in the city.hankinson north dakota

Book a hotel for your stay in the city. You can consider Huufda Bed and Breakfast. It is a tiny hotel, however it offers fine accommodation. The horse riding is included as a service at the hotel. You can book a horse and enjoy the ride in the nearby area. Whatever your preferences are, you will necessary find entertainment in Hankinson!